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Krishnaraj Narayanaswamy
Krishnaraj Narayanaswamy, M.Sc

Department of Cardiac Surgery
Position: PHD Student

ORCID: 0009-0008-1904-1319
T +43 1 +4917636250635


Computer Simulation; Computer-Aided Design; Heart-Assist Devices; Hemolysis; In Vitro; Numerical Analysis, Computer-Assisted

Research interests

My research focuses primarily on designing and developing mechanical circulatory support devices to address unmet medical needs in heart failure patients. 

Despite substantial research efforts, there remains a significant gap in addressing biventricular failure, where current options primarily serve as temporary solutions, bridging patients to transplantation. A suitable total artificial heart (TAH) for long-term destination therapy remains elusive due to limitations associated with the existing pumping mechanisms used in these devices. My primary focus centers on the development of a novel total artificial heart, incorporating an innovative pumping principle that shows promise in overcoming the shortcomings of current pumping techniques. This novel approach may offer a viable long-term solution for destination therapy.

Numerical evaluations have demonstrated the advantages of this novel pumping principle in terms of hemocompatibility, and currently progressing with in vitro validation.In addition, my research also encompasses in vitro experiments aimed at evaluating hemolysis, further enhancing our understanding of the hemocompatibility of these mechanical circulatory support devices and other artifacts involved in the test loop.

Selected publications

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