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Information for presenters

Practical information for oral presenters

  1. We have foreseen 7 minutes for each oral presentation plus 3 minutes discussion. So you will have a total time of 10 minutes. 
  2. Your PowerPoint presentation should be in 16:9 format. We kindly ask you to store the presentation on a USB-key. Please do not to bring your own laptop, because changing laptops takes valuable time and might cause technical difficulties.
  3. Presentations need to be handed over to the technician in the congress hall the day before the respective session or can be sent by e-mail to
  4. We kindly ask you to be in the room before the session of your presentation starts. Please use the break times to locate and present yourself to the chair persons of your session. You can find the names of the chair persons of each session in the scientific programme.
  5. Please bring also a poster of your presentation with you. This may facilitate further discussion. Your poster is not part of the poster tours but will be displayed in the poster area of the lecture hall.
  6. Commercial Disclosure information
    The authors are requested to disclose possible conflicts of interest on the first slide. An example slide can be found here. 
    A conflict of interest is any situation in which a speaker or immediate family members have interests, and those may cause a conflict with the current presentation. Conflicts of interest do not preclude the delivery of the talk, but should be explicitly declared. These may include financial interests (eg. owning stocks of a related company, having received honoraria, consultancy fees), research interests (research support by grants or otherwise), organisational interests and gifts.
    If you have nothing to disclose, please state “I have no commercial disclosure” instead of the table.

Practical information for poster presenters

  1. Posters should be brought to the conference and not mailed. We do not have any facilities to print your poster onsite.
  2. All posters will be on display throughout the meeting. Each poster is allocated to one of the twelve topics. Please see the scientific programme for your topic and time slot of the guided poster tour. Please make sure that your poster is attached to the correct panel. Poster numbers are indicated in the right upper corner of the panel. Poster mounting material is available in the respective room. Extra material can be asked for at the registration desk. The poster panels will be available Thursday, May 5, 2022 from 19:00 h onwards and should be mounted before the beginning of the first session on Friday, May 6, 2022 at 08:30 h. All posters have to be removed on Saturday, May 7, by 19:00 h. Posters that have not been removed will not be stored by the organization.
  3. Please take our general guidelines into account:
    1. Poster size = A0 (84,1cm x 118,9cm)
    2. Poster orientation = portrait format. The panel size is 1m width and 2,3 m height. Please note that a poster in landscape format will NOT fit on the panels.
    3. We advise you not to laminate your poster, as this will complicate attachment.
  4. The list of poster numbers can be found in the scientific programme. If you are not sure where to put up your poster, please ask for help at the registration desk.