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About us

General Information

Starting with the first symposium in 2005 we have not only become a tradition of the Medical University of Vienna, but over the years we have also become a renowned event in the academic community of Austria.

We are happy to see that over the years the annual YSA PhD Symposium has become an event which successfully provides a high performance and interactive scientific platform for scientists, bringing together doctoral students, academic colleagues, supervisors and professors from different interdisciplinary fields. The symposium makes it possible for all PhD students to enhance their knowledge about new methods and technologies available, exchange data and information with other students and improve their presentation skills. Additionally, participants can discuss in a multidisciplinary scientific environment and get valuable suggestions and critical input from experts in different fields.

Over 2000 scientific projects have been presented at the YSA PhD Symposium in the last years, contributing to the development of each young scientist’s scientific career.

We highly encourage PhD students, Master students and young PostDocs affiliated to the Medical University of Vienna to join the YSA and become part of the scientific future of Austria and beyond.

The key objectives of the YSA comprise of:

  • Improving networking between young scientists of the Medical University of Vienna and beyond.
  • Organizing scientific meetings such as the PhD Symposium, workshops and lectures of international speakers with an outstanding expertise in their field.
  • Establishing a link between postgraduate students and the board of the Medical University of Vienna.

YSA Membership

You are motivated and proactive, interested in project management and you want to know what's going on behind the scenes of a student symposium and scientific webinars and workshops? Then do not hesitate, let us get in touch! We would love to meet you at one of our next (online) meetings to see how we can work together.

If you would like to join the YSA to be an active member please send an e-mail to and state your name and affiliation.

All PhD students (N094, N090, N790), Master students and early stage researchers affiliated to the Medical University of Vienna and associated institutes are invited to join us!

Becoming a member is completely free of charge! Fun and lots of experience included!

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