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Lorenz Langgartner
Dipl.-Ing. Lorenz Langgartner

Department of Radiation Oncology
Position: PHD Student

ORCID: 0000-0001-6596-3869


Dose-Response Relationship, Radiation; Medical Physics; Proton Therapy; Radiation Oncology; Radiotherapy

Research group(s)

Research interests

My work primarily focuses on the dosimetric challenges we encounter in preclinical ion beam research. A main goal of my project is to develop a streamlined workflow that allows for precise irradiation of small animals with ion beams and to implement the necessary technological prerequisites along that road. This encompasses topics such as dosimetric measurements, beam modelling, treatment planning, computed tomography (CT) imaging, image guidance and finally the evaluation of dosimetric and imaging data. Ultimately, I aim to provide high quality physics, which will help to bridge knowledge gaps in preclinical ion beam research when combined with high quality biology within our project.

Techniques, methods & infrastructure

  • (Proton and Carbon) Ion Beam Therapy
  • Workflow development
  • Dosimetry
  • Beam Modelling
  • Treatment planning
  • Dose-response analysis

Selected publications

  1. Knäusl, B. et al. (2023) ‘Requirements for dose calculation on an active scanned proton beamline for small, shallow fields’, Physica Medica, 113, p. 102659. Available at: