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MUVI Managing Directors

Elisabeth Chalupa-Gartner

Mag. Elisabeth Chalupa-Gartner

Managing Director

Mag. Elisabeth Chalupa-Gartner is the Managing Director for the Medical University of Vienna International (MUVI) and has held this position since the company’s inception in 2005. Under her leadership, MUVI has become a results-driven international healthcare consultancy group. 

Prior to assuming her role as MUVI Managing Director, Mag. Chalupa-Gartner was appointed the Vice Rector for Finance, Facilities Management, and IT Management at the Medical University of Vienna. She has an educational background in business administration and healthcare management from the University of Vienna and has extensive experience in various management positions in international companies. 

Her areas of expertise include business re-engineering, change management, and strategy development.

Christian J. Herold

Prof. Christian J. Herold

Managing Director

Prof. Christian J. Herold is the Director of International Affairs and Chairman for the Department of Medical Imaging and Image-guided Therapy at the Medical University of Vienna, and holds a joint faculty appointment with the Department of Radiology at Johns Hopkins University, USA. Prof. Herold is a pioneer in the field of pulmonary computer tomography and advocates interdisciplinary scientific cooperation. 

As such, he is a member of a large number of professional societies, the majority of which he has also headed as president. He has been a guest professor at prestigious institutions such as Stanford University, Cornell University, Cambridge University and Duke University, and is widely published in scientific peer-reviewed journals.


The MUVI resource network includes healthcare professionals with a broad range of diagnostic/therapeutic, technological, and leadership skills, making in-depth consultation about any healthcare topic possible. The MUVI clinical and scientific consultant resource pool includes nearly 2,400 scientists, 1,600 of which are physicians in active practice at the Medical University of Vienna. MUVI recruits and assigns highly qualified professors from the Medical University of Vienna from a tremendous range of specialization areas for consultation projects based on their areas of expertise. These select “Senior Medical Advisors” have significant leadership positions within the Medical University of Vienna, thus enhancing the knowledge and management skills transfer experience at MUVI partner institutions.

The MUVI core operations team has a wealth of experience, in a broad array of healthcare areas and provider settings. Each MUVI operations team member has at least 10 years of clinical or non-clinical healthcare experience and offers a dynamic range of critical perspectives for MUVI project partners.


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