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Scope of Services

The Medical University of Vienna International (MUVI) has an expansive consultancy service portfolio and an impressive international track record. A sampling of our projects and products are included here for your reference. 


We aim to offer you an extensive selection of services to help your organisation achieve best-in-class performance while optimizing costs.

The Medical University of Vienna International is an international healthcare consultation group that consistently provides high-performance management, knowledge transfer, and academic medicine solutions.

MUVI’s ultimate goal is to help partners become “agents of change” for the integration of modernized practices and updated training and education curricula in their respective countries. As a result, the MUVI healthcare consultation portfolio is not only diverse, but dynamic. MUVI encourages partner institutions to develop and customize solutions that best fit their organizational needs.

MUVI is a solution-oriented business that is able to address a wide array of healthcare challenges. The MUVI healthcare consultation portfolio is diverse.

Scope of Services - What we do

  • Onsite medical executive management support
  • Strategic planning
  • Medical concept development with feasibility assessments
  • Investment decision-making guidance
  • Project management
  • Operations workflow development
  • Process-oriented infrastructure planning and re-design
  • Sterile supply coordination
  • Medical device and instrument commissioning and supply management
  • Purchasing support
  • Onsite MUVI Senior Clinical Specialist support to implement best practices
  • Standard operating protocol formulation based on European practice standards
  • Accreditation and certification services

Total Quality Management solutions are used to improve and sustain organizational performance. Onsite MUVI Senior Clinical Specialists are used to implement best practices according to standard operating protocol formulation based on European practice standards. MUVI also promotes the use of external accreditation and certification services.

  • Human resources management
  • Administrative and clinical staff training
  • Short- and long-term courses of study
  • Specialty training
  • Healthcare management seminars
  • Post-graduate training
  • Academic medicine
  • Diagnostic testing and imaging
  • Major medical equipment
  • Pre-clinical and practical curricula design
  • Quality assessment and performance improvement
  • Research coordination
  • Specialty service enhancement
  • Surgery and invasive procedures
  • Telemedicine

MUVI boasts an extensive domestic and international resource network – in fact, MUVI’s core strength is its unique capacity to provide on-the-ground management. The MUVI resource network includes healthcare professionals with a broad range of diagnostic/therapeutic, technological, and leadership skills, making in-depth consultation about any healthcare topic possible.

Conception • Strategic planning with stakeholders • Studies and concepts • Expert in-depth assessments Planning for the future
Implementation • Clinical governance and service coordination • Operations infrastructure • Onsite operations management Ensuring a successful start
Enhancement • Service growth and cost reduction • Valve-added service improvements • Staff development Advancing to the next level