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Awards to win

The YSA congratulates all Oral Session Award winners to their outstanding work:

Oral Sessions    
Malignant Diseases: Christina Grech
Medical Physics & Imaging: Marlene Stümpflen
Neuroscience: Sophie Imhof
Mixed Session: Nyamdelger Sukhbaatar
Immunology and Cell Biology: Hannah K. Mayr
PoeT & Vascular Biology: Eleonora Nardini

Price money
75€ per oral session

Every presenter of an oral session during the YSA PhD sympsoium will automatically be included for the Oral Presentation Award.

Evaluation process
The respective session chairs will choose the winner. Winners will be announced at the end of the YSA PhD symposium.

The YSA congratulates all Poster Session Award winners to their outstanding work:

Poster Session I   
Immunology:  Mariem Radhouani
Malignant Diseases: Kristina Breitenecker
Mixed Clinical: Maria Sanz-Codina
Neuroscience: Andrea Villoria-Gonzales
Medical Physics & Imaging: Daria Ferrara
PoeT & Vascular Biology: Robin Hoogenboom
Poster Session II
Immunology & Cell Biology: Vanessa Mühlgrabner
Malignant Diseases: Sören Strohmenger
Mixed Clinical: Susann Schönefeldt
Neuroscience: David Linhardt
Medical Physics & Imaging: Milana Kendrisic
PoeT & Vascular Biology: Clemens Lang
Poster Session III 
Immunology: Philipp Penninger
Malignant Diseases: Helena Sorger
Mixed Clinical: Benedikt Hofer
Molecular Signal Transduction: Victoria Kartysh
Medical Physics & Imaging: Katarina Bencurova
PoeT & Vascular Biology: Daniya Zakai
Poster Session IV 
Immunology: Laura Marie Gail
Malignant Diseases: Berndadette Mödl
Mixed Clinical: Hödlmoser Sebastian
Molecular Signal Transduction: Elena Lilliu
Medical Physics & Imaging: Maria Vasileiadi
PoeT & Vascular Biology: Laura Brunnthaler

Price money
30€ per poster session

Every presenter of a poster session during the YSA PhD sympsoium will automatically be included for the Poster Presentation Award.

Evaluation process
The respective session chairs will choose the winner. Winners will be announced at the end of the YSA PhD symposium.

The YSA congratulates all Oral Session Award winners to their outstanding work:

on-site: Rumsha Khan
online: Anette Vaglio-Garro

Price money
250€ / 125€

Please send your artwork together with the filled-out submission form (available for download below this description) via E-Mail to:

Submission deadline
May, 31st

Submission criteria and disclaimer
One contest entry per person is allowed. Please send us the highest resolution possible, as the artwork will be presented at the symposium's art gallery.
All taxes on any prize won are the sole responsibility of each winner. Acceptance of prize constitutes permission to use winner’s name, city, state, and winning entry for promotional purposes. Contest entry constitutes permission to use winning submissions on YSA website and its affiliated websites without further compensation. Furthermore, entry constitutes permission to archive winning entries indefinitely on any webpage on this website, to be used for promotional purposes. Contestants agree that the sole and final judgment as to all matters concerning contests and interpretation of contest rules are at the sole discretion of YSA and its staff. YSA, its staff, board members and its prize donors are not liable or responsible for any claims, damages, losses, injuries, or death including any third party claims, arising from or relating to, in whole or in part, any contest, including entry and participation in any contest and acceptance, possession, use or misuse of the prizes; not responsible for entries that do not follow guidelines; not responsible for entries and responses to winner notifications that are illegible, incomplete, late, lost, misdelivered, or undeliverable; not responsible for any technical or human errors, malfunctions, failures, etc. resulting in participation of contest. YSA will not sell or trade contestants’ email addresses or personal information. Winners artwork may be displayed at the YSA homepage. By entering this contest, participants warrant and represent that they agree to be bound by the contest rules and the final decisions of YSA.

Evaluation process
The artwork of each participant will be uploaded on YSA's Instagram channel for promoting and collecting votes. Additionally, each artwork will be presented at the art gallery during the YSA PhD symposium. All symposium participants are encouraged to place their votes at the symposium's art gallery, on the 1st day of the symposium only. The artwork, which collected the most votes (Instagram AND art gallery) will be nominated the people's choice winner. The contest prize winner will be announced at the science party.

Note: As the people's choice winner of the on-site art gallery and the Instagram online voting differed completly, but both art pieces were magnificent and worth a price, we decided to nominate 2 winners for this contest - on-site & online!

We congratulate the winner of the Publication Award Maximilian Baumgartner and are looking forward to hearing his presentation "Mucosal Biofilms Are an Endoscopic Feature of Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Ulcerative Colitis". The presentation will take place on June, 15th; 14:05 - 14:35.

Price money

Please submit your paper (published or accepted for publication) via E-mail to:
Note that the winner of the contest gets their own talk during the YSA PhD symposium.

Submission deadline
May, 15th

Submission criteria
Since the publication award is endowed with personal price money, every submission must hold either (or both) of the two criteria:

  1. You are the single first author of the publication that is submitted. In the case of shared first authorship, please contact your fellow first author(s) and ask them for their consent. We are not going to review if you did that – this is solely in the interest of open communication and fairness.
  2. Since the topic of the order of authors is very subjective and varies vastly from field to field , we decided to allow submissions, even if you are not the first author but have still contributed significantly enough to the paper. You have to include all fellow authors in cc to your submission email. We will send you a confirmation email, as a reply to all authors, in which we state that if none of the authors object to this submission, this automatically makes you allegeable to potentially win the award and therefore price money. Please contact all fellow authors before submitting, to avoid unpleasant surprises, and conflicts among authors and potentially negotiate the consent already.

Evaluation process
We, the YSA, are going to pre-screen the papers, after which we will forward the three best papers to an expert jury at the Medical University, consisting of experienced researchers for a final verdict. Our jury is made up of multi-disciplinary researchers, all very experienced in publishing scientific literature. To reduce the bias and enhance an “objective” pre-screening we will not base our pre-selection solely on impact factor and citations but will try to normalize metrics across the different fields and disciplines.