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Welcome by the University

Dear PhD Students,

After two years of digital-only events, we are eager to welcome you to our on-site 17th PhD Symposium organized by the Young Scientist Association. Although, our efforts with distance learning and digital teaching did not affect our student’s ambition to learn, the social contacts were reduced drastically. Especially, younger PhD students missed the benefits of peer-to-peer mentoring provided by the exchange with more advanced PhD students. To raise the level of this support, the YSA aims to bring back social and scientific on-site events as an important instrument to do so, starting with the annual PhD Symposium of the Medical University of Vienna.
The YSA Symposium provides a unique platform for scientific knowledge exchange within the Medical University of Vienna. Moreover, with its focus on promoting academically younger researchers, it supports students to gain important abilities and skills in an early stage of their career.
We are delighted that you join the 17th PhD Sympsoium.

Markus Müller
Rector of the Medical University of Vienna


Dear Participants,

welcome to the 17th YSA PhD Symposium at Medical University of Vienna.  
An exciting conference program lies ahead of us and it is a great pleasure to see our PhD students re-united on this occasion, full of energy and the desire to share their innovative ideas and outstanding research results. The COVID pandemic has taken its toll also on our students, whose work progress was sometimes delayed, who were deprived of their student life, and missed opportunities to celebrate best poster awards, accepted papers and other achievements.
The YSA PhD Symposium 2022 is a possibility to catch up, but also – and not least – an opportunity to display the substantial contribution of our students to the large and diverse research landscape at Medical University of Vienna, which comprises also over 150 COVID-related research projects. This meeting serves also as a platform on which you can challenge ideas and concepts, and new, interdisciplinary approaches can be developed jointly.
I would like to express my gratitude to all YSA board members and the organizing committee who invested a lot of time and effort to set up such a comprehensive program. Organizing a symposium is a valuable learning experience on its own, which will certainly pay off in many ways.
A special thanks goes to all speakers as well who will share their ideas and insights and to all participants who will take the chance to connect and learn.
I wish all participants a fruitful and inspiring meeting!

Michaela Fritz
Vice Rector for Research and Innovation