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The aim of Clinical Neurosciences is innovation in prevention, diagnosis, and therapy of neurological and psychiatric diseases, and a better fundamental understanding of these conditions. In this sense, the applied doctoral program Clinical Neurosciences (CLINS) addresses a wide scope of scientific challenges related to neurological, psychiatric and neuro-muscular disorders in fetus, children, and adults. Interdisciplinary interaction of diagnostic and therapeutic disciplines in combination with basic biomedical research is a key element of the program. In this way, CLINS aims to provide early stage scientists with scientific competence that enables them to improve biomedical and clinical practice by means of research


CLINS - Completed doctoral theses in 2017 - 2018

Congratulations to

Dieter Adelmann, Anna Höflich, Patrycja Huf, Lukas David Landegger, Nikolaus Luft, Mirjam Lutz, Alexander Micko, Thomas Parzefall, Sandra Margaretha Rezar-Dreindl, Stefan Salminger, Theresa Scholl, René Seiger, Karin Trimmel, Thomas Vanicek, Leonore Wetzel



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Pichler Verena and Vraka Chrysoula are taking over the JC "Radiochemistry and Biomarker Development".