Preclinical and Clinical Research for Drug Development at the Medical University of Vienna is an interdisciplinary research area determined to make innovative treatment strategies available for unmet medical needs.

A thorough understanding of the development process for novel compounds and the phases of preclinical and clinical testing are a prerequisite for a successful scientific career in the field of drug development. The conduct of preclinical and clinical trials demands a high level of professionalism and only high quality research will allow establishing more effective and safer treatment strategies for patients in the future.

The doctoral program of applied science "Preclinical and clinical research in drug development" will provide a comprehensive training in all major areas of patient-orientated research in drug development. The candidates will be familiarized with the theoretical background of development of a novel compound beginning from the screening in in vitro via preclinical animal models up to clinical trial testing ("form bench to bedside"). The main focus will be on the methodology and conduct of preclinical - and clinical trials according to the guidelines of "Good Clinical Practice" (GCP).


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