Welcome to the homepage of the PhD Program Medical Informatics, Biostatistics & Complex Systems!

This PhD program aims at students with a computational background who desire to advance biomedical sciences by applying their skills in technical-, natural- and formal sciences. Also students with medical or biological background are welcome. We aim at forming a compact community of young natural scientists interacting with life-scientists.

The fields of activities range from:

  • development of new concepts in medical informatics, biostatistics and the science of complex systems
  • development of new methods and technologies
  • modelling as a major branch of research (database-modeling, complex systems modelling, in silico molecular models, interaction network models, pharmaco-kinetic models, models of cellular mechanisms and transports, decision models in artificial intelligence) or fundamental research by itself.

Focal points of research at the Center for Medical Data Science and applications for grants shall be devised to serve the above activities.

This PhD Program shall enhance the visibility of cutting edge methodology and technology.

Participation of the PhD-students in the activities of the MedUni Vienna-YSA (Young Scientists Association) is encouraged to additionally foster an interdisciplinary attitude.



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October 5th, 2023


Blocklehrveranstaltung 861.607 Thesis Seminar "Statistical Issues in Drug Development" Registration via susanne.rom@meduniwien.ac.at or MedCampus


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