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Academic Educational Development

A well-trained healthcare workforce is not only a critical component in high quality patient care, but enhances an institution's competitiveness. 

At MUVI we offer short- and long-term courses of study, specialty training, and healthcare management seminars customized for MUVI project partners. Post-graduate training options are also available.

Transforming medicine through education

On a global scale, regional healthcare authorities and decision-makers are investing heavily in local healthcare infrastructures and desire highly trained professionals in education and clinical practice. In particular, countries with booming economies have observed shifting patterns of disease incidence; these changes have made it apparent that the demand for evidence-based healthcare services available in local communities significantly outstrips the supply of skilled care providers. A well-trained healthcare workforce is not only a critical component in the safe, effective provision of patient care, but enhances an institution’s competitiveness in regional and international healthcare markets. As an experienced player in the medical knowledge transfer field, MUVI is well-positioned to offer a broad spectrum of courses and training programs.

Advanced platforms need a dedicated technical design

MUVI’s holistic approach:

  • Multimedia webinars: case-based and research-driven questions with feedback, 3D living anatomy, ultrasound
  • Quizzes and cases: gamification, learning with a J, self-assessment questions
  • Capacity-building: shared approach in planning and delivering interactive seminars
  • Top-level approach: learning objectives with a stepwise approach on 4 levels (the 4 P’s)
    1. Prevention with basic sciences and public health,
    2. Professionalism,
    3. Pathologies,
    4. Problem-solving with clinical reasoning.

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The MUVI Academy Program offers highly customizable courses, trainings, and practical experience in a wide range of disciplines. To emphasize the unconventional nature of the MUVI Academy approach, consider the following: it is entirely within the realm of possibility for a qualified physician and his or her clinical team to undergo advanced training for orthopedic surgical techniques and simultaneously attend a supplemental course highlighting quality and management concepts necessary for successful surgical clinic operations.

Alternatively, a public health ministry may prioritize organ transplantation infrastructure building and as a result, a provider institution may wish to develop that capacity; the MUVI Academy Program is able to offer tailored courses or full-blown medical fellowships using experienced professors in active clinical practice in the transplant field. The aforementioned examples are only a fraction of what the MUVI Academy Program can provide; the MUVI Academy Program provides a unique opportunity to effectively transfer European standards and knowledge on any clinical or non-clinical healthcare topic to healthcare settings in a targeted, personalized way.

The MUVI Academy Program offers organizations with the opportunity to invest in the most
critical component of patient care service delivery: staff education, training and development.
Imagine your staff as student pupae, waiting in chrysalis—the MUVI Academy Program could
be your organization’s transformative knowledge transfer agent, guiding your staff to meet their
fullest potential so that they may emerge as butterflies.

The Medical University of Vienna International (MUVI) offers a portfolio of academic, medical care and Telemedicine services. This collaboration provides both onsite and remote based options to set up direct, high‐quality links between the Medical University of Vienna and our partners. These services include: 

  • Knowledge transfer solutions provided by academic experts and clinical leaders at a partner site
  • Collaboration to provide training for clinical sub‐specializations at the Medical University of Vienna
  • Telemedicine services, including virtual patient care consultations for complicated cases requiring highly specific expertise or difficult‐to‐access sub‐specialty diagnostic and imaging services