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The objective of the PhD Program in Immunology is to provide to students excellent training opportunities in the field of immunology, allergology and infectiology. This will be achieved by offering students the opportunity to work with faculty members on cutting-edge research projects in stimulating research environments. Furthermore, students will obtain an in-depth education and training on various immunological topics to obtain a broad knowledge in the field of immunology. This should help to prepare students for a successful scientific career within academia and/or industry, or on other science-related career paths.

Univ.Prof. Mag.Dr. Wilfried Ellmeier 
Program Coordinator (contact)



The schedule for the winter semester 2019 is available.The program can be found under "Lectures & Courses" or <here>: [more]


ENLIGHT-TENed by big data: advancing T cell immunology[more]




The Young Scientist Association (YSA) is happy to announce that the 15th YSA PhD Symposium will take place on 13th and 14th of June 2019 at the lecture hall centre, AKH.


The YSA invites you to a full day course with Prof. Abul Abbas, renowned scientist and author of the world famous immunology textbook, 25th of April at CeMM.


A list of selected first-author publication from PhD students of the Immunology PhD program …