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August 2021 - René Platzer

Dr. René Platzer


Determining nanoscale protein distribution via Photoactivated Localization Microscopy (PALM) mandates precise knowledge of the applied fluorophore’s blinking properties to counteract overcounting artifacts that distort the resulting biomolecular distributions. Here, we present a readily applicable methodology to determine, optimize and quantitatively account for the blinking behavior of any PALM-compatible fluorophore. Using a custom-designed platform, we reveal complex blinking of two photoswitchable fluorescence proteins (PS-CFP2 and mEOS3.2) and two photoactivatable organic fluorophores (PA Janelia Fluor 549 and Abberior CAGE 635) with blinking cycles on time scales of several seconds. Incorporating such detailed information in our simulation-based analysis package allows for robust evaluation of molecular clustering based on individually recorded single molecule localization maps.

Selected Literature

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Dr. René Platzer

Dr. René Platzer
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