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October 2023 - Daniel Mrak und Daniela Sieghart


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Dr. Daniel Mrak and DI (FH) Daniela Sieghart, PhD

MedUni Wien RESEARCHER OF THE MONTH October 2023

Impaired response to COVID-19 vaccination is of particular concern in immunosuppressed patients. We found that a critical number of patients did not develop antibodies against SARS-CoV-2 after two mRNA vaccinations (BNT162b2 or mRNA-1273). To determine the best vaccination strategy for this vulnerable group we performed a randomized blinded clinical trial. We could show that a third dose of the same mRNA vaccine led to increased seroconversion rates after 4 weeks compared to a booster vaccination with ChAdOx1 nCoV-19. The specific T-cell responses were reduced in immunosuppressed patients but could be increased after a third dose of either vector or mRNA vaccine. No serious adverse event was attributed to COVID-19 booster vaccination. Efficacy and safety data underline the importance of a booster vaccination and support the use of a homologous mRNA booster vaccination in immunosuppressed patients.

Selected Literature

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Dr. Daniel Mrak and DI (FH) Daniela Sieghart, PhD

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