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July 2021 - Victoria Stary

Dr. Victoria Stary


Human epigenetically primed memory NK cells mediate antigen-specific immune responses

The adaptive immunity is considered an exclusive feature of T and B cells. NK cells are defined as cells of the innate immune response. However, evidence suggests that there is a subset of NK cells that can develop long lived and specific memory to antigens in mice and in non-human primates.
We evaluated phenotype and function of NK cells of human liver, blood and skin using FACS, immunofluorescence microscopy, functional in vitro killing and migration assays as well as RNA sequencing. We found a subset of NK cells to be present in the liver with an epigenetic imprint primed for memory responses. Upon re-challenge with certain antigens, this NK cell subset exerted antigen-specific recall responses. The integration of chromatin-based epigenetic and transcriptomic profiling revealed differences of this NK cell subset compared to conventional NK cells, defining key factors regulating active regions and defining memory properties of NK cells. Furthermore, memory NK cells were highly migratory towards chemokines expressed at the skin as an effector site of adaptive immunity and exerted recall responses.
These results define pathways and functions of antigen-specific NK cells and provide the basis for harnessing them for specific vaccine strategies.

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Dr. med. Victoria Stary

Dr. med. Victoria Stary
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