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April 2021 - Evgenii Tretiakov

Evgenii Tretiakov


Molecular design of hypothalamus development

The study of hypothalamus development published in the top Nature journal primarily relied on single-cell RNA sequencing, the most advanced method to profile thousands of individual transcriptomes simultaneously. The work reinforced insights of transcriptomics, epigenetics and human genomics that allowed to inference differentiation trajectories of neuronal and glial progenitors and other cells and reconstruct regulatory transcription factors cascades together with translational mapping on clinical data of genome-wide association study of UK Biobank cohort. We expect these results to drive future studies aimed to dissect hypothalamic neuronal circuit processes, the metabolic coupling between different cell types, and the pathogenesis of congenital and acquired metabolic and psychiatric diseases.

Selected Literature

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Evgenii Tretiakov

Evgenii Tretiakov
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