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August 2019 - Mamta Jain


Dr. Mamta Jain


RNA editing of Filamin A pre-mRNA regulates vascular contraction and diastolic blood pressure

FilaminA is an actin-binding protein known to play an important role in the organization of cytoskeleton and regulates cell adhesion and migration. We showed for the first time that if RNA modification of this gene is defective, it leads to problems in muscle contraction and mice develop hypertension as a result of increased contraction. Moreover, FLNA RNA Editing is dramatically reduced in human cardiovascular patients. RNA editing has been shown to be involved in only neurological disorders until now and our study highlights the importance of an RNA modification in human cardiovascular diseases. Our studies also introduce a novel method to treat high blood pressure in futur

Selected Literature

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Mamta Jain

Medizinische Universität Wien
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