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September 2021 - Georg Semmler Georg Semmler

MedUni Wien RESEARCHER OF THE MONTH September 2021

To facilitate a personalized follow-up strategy after cure from chronic hepatitis C, we investigated the predictive value of noninvasive surrogates of portal hypertension (liver stiffness measurement [LSM] by vibration-controlled transient elastography and von Willebrand factor/platelet count ratio [VITRO]) for development of hepatic decompensation in patients with pretreatment advanced chronic liver disease (ACLD). A combined approach using LSM and VITRO (measured ~12 weeks after the end-of-treatment) could successfully rule-in and rule-out clinically significant portal hypertension (CSPH, hepatic venous pressure gradient ≥10 mm Hg) after treatment, and assign most of the patients to the low-risk group not at risk for hepatic decompensation. In contrast, patients in the high-risk group had a considerable risk of future hepatic decompensation, and thus need more stringent follow-up. In conclusion, LSM and VITRO are readily accessible and enable risk stratification after cure from chronic hepatitis C.

Selected Literature

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