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June 2020 - Dominika Polak Dominika Polak


A novel role for neutrophils in IgE-mediated allergy: Evidence for antigen presentation in late-phase reactions

Neutrophils are important components of effector and regulatory circuits in innate and adaptive immunity, however, their potential role in allergy has not received much attention so far. Our work proposes a compelling new role for neutrophils in the pathophysiology of IgE-mediated allergy. Upon natural exposure or injection of allergens during allergen-specific immunotherapy, activated mast cells release various mediators which induce the infiltration of neutrophils. The local cytokine milieu prolongs the lifespan of neutrophils and fosters them to internalize, process and present allergen to specific CD4+ effector T-cells. Activated T-cells then release cytokines which trigger allergic inflammation. In summary, we found that neutrophils contribute to allergic inflammatory diseases also through the activation of allergen-specific T-cells.

Selected Literature

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